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Rights and responsibilities
Subject of this notice is web site at www.pks-od.si. All content on this site is property of Pirnat-Kovačič-Škofič o.p. d.o.o. and it is informative in nature. Pirnat-Kovačič-Škofič o.p. d.o.o. is not responsible for use of content of this site or damage that might accur by inpropper usage of any content found on www.pks-od.si. Pirnat-Kovačič-Škofič o.p. d.o.o. will try to keep information correct and up to date.

Limited use of content
Content available on www.pks-od.si can be used personal use which does not conflict with copy rights. Authors of the content are not held responsible for eventual damage caused by inpropper use. Any other usage or distribution of any content from this site is prohibited by law.

Use of collected data
Hereby we oblige to protect privacy of all personal data, collected exlusively by explicit agreement of each individual, in compliance wiht current EU and Slovenian law. All collected data will only be used for the purpose ita was collected for.